What to Expect During a Microblading Session

Is microblading right for you? In the beauty industry, this technique is one of the hottest and newest trends. 

A microblading session provides convenience, builds your confidence and gives you the perfect look. If you have thin eyebrows, this could be the semi-permanent technique for you.

You don’t have to wake up every morning to fix your eyebrows. This is a practical procedure that gives you the look of fuller eyebrows without the hassles. 

This article explores the process of getting a semi-permanent tattoo and what you can expect from your first procedure.

Here’s what occurs during a normal cosmetic session.

The First Microblading Session

Does microblading hurt? This cosmetic process is not all that painful. 

During the first microblading session, the eyebrow specialist will shape and style your eyebrows. The specialist then prepares the eyebrows for treatment, using a topical numbing cream.

Pigment Procedure

You will need to make a selection from a range of pigmented colors. After this selection, the needling process begins. 

A certified professional applies pigment to the eyebrows with a tool made with fine needles. A technique is then used to create thin lines in the skin. To ensure a natural look, the professional uses featherweight strokes. 

If you experience any type of discomfort during the pigment application process, the professional will apply more topical numbing cream on your eyebrows. During your first session, the process can last for as long as three hours. 

Follow Up Visit

To get good results from a microblading cosmetic session, you can come back for a follow-up visit. The eyebrow professional offers special instructions you should follow for at least 14 days.

You should avoid face scrubs, water-related activities, tanning and saunas. Harsh skincare products should be avoided as well.

Following the initial procedure, you will be told not to scratch the eyebrow area. 

For a follow-up visit, the professional may apply minor touch-ups to the eyebrows if necessary. The second microblading session occurs after 4 months. This procedure usually lasts for 2 hours.

Healing Time

You will not experience major downtime after a microblading session. Healing takes about 14 days to 1 month. Shedding and flaking of the skin also occur during this time.

This is a normal side effect.

Procedure Risks

Certified microblading professionals do their best to give you total satisfaction for every procedure. They take proper precautions so that you’re safe during each session. These experts also follow the necessary steps to sterilize their work environment.

Once you arrive for a cosmetic session, you don’t have to worry about having a bad experience.

Need More Information about Microblading?

Before getting a semi-permanent tattoo, it is important to find out if you’re a suitable candidate. You will not be a candidate for this procedure if you have diabetes, skin disease, botox injections, heart conditions, and other serious health problems.

When certified microblading experts perform this procedure on your eyebrows, you can expect stunning and realistic results. If you want to learn more about microblading, get more information from our blog.

microblading in temecula

Microblading in Temecula: FAQs and Answers

Did you know that eyebrows play a fundamental role in making your face recognizable? In a study conducted at MIT, volunteers struggled to identify the world’s most famous faces when presented with an altered photograph of that celebrity sans eyebrows. (Skeptical? Try it for yourself!)

For many of us, however, eyebrows exemplify the struggle between what we were born with and what we aspire to.

If you are tired of endlessly shaping and penciling your brows in an effort to get the strong, bold look that’s so hot right now, maybe it’s time you considered microblading in Temecula.

First, What Is Microblading?

Microblading falls under the category of permanent makeup procedures. You can think of like a tattoo, only without the drawbacks of tattoos. It doesn’t hurt to have microblading done, and it’s not a permanent process.

The aesthetician uses a special tool to apply a semi-permanent pigment to the eyebrow area. Short, small strokes of pigment replicate the look of your eyebrow hairs, so the result is extremely natural-looking.

Is It Really Painless?

Yup! You might feel mild discomfort, but that’s all. Before the procedure, the practitioner will apply a numbing cream to your skin. If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you know how painful they can be, but when it comes to microblading, you likely won’t feel a thing.

How Long Does It Last?

So if microblading isn’t as permanent as a tattoo, how long will your beautiful new brows last? The answer is highly dependent on your skin type and your skincare routine, but expect to keep your low-maintenance brows for six months to several years.

The fact that this procedure is only semi-permanent is a good thing, since our eyebrows, like the rest of our bodies, can change as we age. Notably, they can become sparse as we grow older, and they can sink lower on our foreheads. This means that a tattoo would start to look odd over time.

With microblading, as long as you go back for regular maintenance, your brows will always look great.

What About Aftercare?

Be advised that it can take a week or 10 days after the microblading session before you will see the full extent of your results. In the meantime, you can expect your brows to scab over and peel.

The color will shift, as well, so during the recovery period, don’t panic. It’s not pretty, but you should trust the process.

As with a tattoo, you will need to apply ointment every day and keep your brows from being submerged in water while they are healing.

Additionally, your aesthetician will schedule a touch-up session for 4-6 weeks after the initial microblading. This will take care of any spots that didn’t take the pigment thoroughly, correct any tiny shaping issues, and otherwise ensure that your new brows are picture-perfect.

Final Thoughts About Microblading in Temecula

Are you excited about the possibilities and ready to get started on the path to beautiful, lush, and maintenance-free eyebrows? Contact us to schedule a consultation for microblading in Temecula today!

Microblading in Temecula

Taking Care of Your Brows: What to Know About Aftercare for Microblading in Temecula

If you’re planning on undergoing Microblading in Temecula, it’s a good idea to know something about what’s expected during the aftercare phase so you can be prepared. You probably won’t want to get your eyebrows microblade right before you go on a sunny cruise or run a marathon since your new brows will need time to heal. 

Here are some important aftercare tips to keep in mind when you’re planning when to get your brows done:

No Moisture for 10 Days!

The very best eyebrow results come avoiding any and all moisture on your brows for at least 10 days following your appointment. Your goal is to keep your brows completely dry which will help them retain their color, detail, and crisp appearance. It might seem inconvenient, but taking care of your brows will be worth it!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep your face out of the stream of the shower and do your best to keep your brows as dry as possible when you wash your hair and face. Wash your face only from your eyes down to avoid getting any soap and water in your brows. Keep a dry towel nearby to pat your brows dry in case they do get moist. Keep your showers short so that too much steam doesn’t affect your brows.
  • When you do wash your face, avoid splashing water onto your face as you might usually do. Opt instead to clean your face gently with a washcloth or a cleansing wipe. Don’t wipe the brows directly! Wash very carefully around the brows being careful not to get them damp. 

Avoid Cosmetics and Grooming After Your Microblading in Temecula Appointment

Don’t use any cosmetics on your eyebrows for 2 weeks after your appointment. This includes powders, eyebrow pencil, or brow pomade. Your skin might start to feel dry or tight after the first week, in which case you can use a small amount of fragrance-free moisturizers such as Cetaphil or coconut oil once a day. Apply a very thin layer and don’t rub the eyebrows as you do so. 

Avoid any plucking or tweezing of your brows for 10 days so your brows will have a chance to heal. Also, avoid any eyebrow treatments such as threading or waxing while your skin heals. 

Avoid Excessive Exercise

-After you get your brows done, you need to avoid any heavy exercising (or any activities that cause you to sweat) for at least 10 days post your procedure. To maintain detail and color, it’s very important that you heed this aftercare advice.

Be Cautious With Sun Exposure

Be cautious about the amount of direct sunshine you’re exposed to as your brows heal. You should also avoid any tanning beds or laying out to tan. Doing so will compromise the quality of your new eyebrows. 

Learn More About Caring For Your New Brows

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to care for your brows after your treatment, learn more about the healing process. 

Then feel free to contact us to schedule your own microblading in Temecula. We look forward to giving you the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of having!

Microblading in Riverside

Getting Ready: How to Prepare for Microblading in Riverside

In 2016, the US beauty industry generated $84 billion in revenues. Looking forward to having microblading in Riverside? Worry no more because this article will take you through the best services you can have.

Microblading is the art of eyebrow cosmetic method to create extremely natural looking hair strokes. This is a professional art that requires lots of care and precision. Beauty is expensive and a necessity for many.

There are a few things you need to know about microblading. It is a delicate affair that should be taken seriously. Don’t just jump into the bandwagon without understanding what it’s all about.

Preparation for Microblading

Before seeking microblading procedures in Riverside, you ought to follow several steps. It is all about getting things right and doing everything as required;

1. Get Your Skin Ready

In the lead to the actual procedure, you have to get your skin ready. How you prep your skin will determine the microblading methods. Our experts will advise you on some of the things to do when preparing your skin for microblading.

You have to keep the skin clean and free of dirt, oils, and grime. A gentle cleanser helps in getting rid of any grime or dead cells in the area. Cleaning the skin is essential.

2. Protecting Yourself

The best way to protect your skin is to keep it moisturized. This is to nourish the skin barrier and keep it in shape before undertaking the procedure. Applying a good moisturizer helps in protection over the skin.

If you have dry skin, moisturize even more, and you will get fantastic results. Moisturizing prevents you from irritation that might occur after microblading. Petrolatum moisturizers are the best to use because they keep the eyebrow area hydrated and primed.

3. Consult Your Artist/Doctor

Consultation is vital before undertaking any bodily procedure. Consulting both the artist and doctor should be a necessity. You artist will evaluate your skin and advice on the best microblading process to undertake.

Also, the right artist will help you prepare for the procedure. Never take the advice of your artist lightly because it might determine the outcome or results.

On the other hand, the doctor will perform a medical checkup to determine whether or not you qualify for the procedure. Skin dermatologist advises people who are willing to undergo microblading procedures based on medical facts. The doctor can perform blood tests to determine your health conditions before microblading.

Pre-Microblading Guidelines

There are several things you should in the lead to microblading. These things include the following:

  • Do not wax, tweeze, or thread your eyebrows
  • Avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, caffeine, alcohol, and fish oil supplements at least two days before microblading
  • Avoid any medication before the procedure
  • Don’t use retinol products at least three days before the procedure
  • Avoid any form of workout before the procedure
  • Prepare psychologically for the practice

Pay attention to these guidelines to maximize the results of microblading.

Post-Microblading Guidelines

You’ve had your eyebrows attended to, so what next? After you have undergone the microblading procedure, there are things you have to put in place.

  • Avoid wetting the brow area for at least ten days
  • Follow the technician guidelines to the latter
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure
  • Avoid sweating the first two weeks
  • Do not sleep on your eyebrows for ten days
  • Avoid laser treatment on the treated area
  • Use numbing creams to ease any pain
  • Avoid doing facial chemical treatments

All of the above guidelines will lead to a smooth recovery process. Failing to adhere to these guidelines might ruin the final outcome.

Things You Should Know Before Taking the Microblading Procedure

Curious to establish whether microblading is right for you? There ought to be several facts you need to know;

1. You Will Endure Some Pain

This is the first thing you should expect from microblading. During and after the procedure, you have to experience some form of discomfort. Some form swelling and redness accompany this pain.

If you don’t choose the right artist, it can be the most painful procedure in your life. Some people say that the procedure can be hurtful, especially when done by inexperienced experts. You need to have some pain tolerance when undergoing microblading.

However, you will not feel it if you choose Riverside’s best microblading services.

2. Your Skin Type Will Determine the Final Product

You and your pals can undergo the same procedure but get different results based on the skin type. This is not funny because different skin types mean different results. Also, the skin color will have a say on how the eyebrows look like after microblading.

Oily skins are somehow difficult to handle making the whole thing challenging and tricky. They can reject the pigment and are prone to pigment hydration. Dry skins look crisp and defined after the procedure.

3. Microblading Is Not Meant for Everyone

If you thought that microblading was your thing, you have to think twice. Not all people fit such procedures, and you might be one of them. Your perfect brow processes might be something very far from microblading.

Some things were not for you, so is microblading. Some conditions such as pregnancy, medication, or chemotherapy might rule you out. You risk some consequences if you don’t fit the procedure.

4. You Should Be Realistic with Expectations

This is not a one-day event to keep you beautiful. It is a process that might or might not get the desired results. Some factors might not give you the expected outcome.

When undergoing this procedure, it’s okay if you lower expectation. If everything turns out fine, then well and good- if you get some setbacks, it won’t hurt much.

Microblading in Riverside – Final Thoughts

Don’t get stressed by the task of selecting an artist. DFW Microblading of Murrieta & Temecula offers you the ultimate microblading in Riverside. Here, you will get the hair strokes you’ve wished for.

Our artists are highly trained and experienced with a great portfolio. If you want to get your eyebrows done most suitably, contact us today, and we’ll be ready to help.

microblading artist

How to Find a Microblading Artist in Murrieta

If you live in the Murietta, CA area and are looking to get microblading, you want to make sure you find the right microblading artist to work with.

After all, you’re getting it done to look your best, so why would you go to someone you don’t have total confidence in?

Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide for you, that will tell you the essentials of finding a microblading artist in Murietta.

You’ll know exactly what to look for, and how to find the best person for you!

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more!

Take a Look at Their Website

When trying to find the best place to get microblading, a great first step is to look at the websites of local businesses that offer it.

If they don’t provide a lot of detail about who they are and what they offer, that’s not a good sign. They should also give at least some good detail on what microblading is, and why it might be a good option. 

If they’ve invested the time and effort into creating a website that clearly shows their level of expertise and artistry, then it’s likely they are willing to do the same for you!

Before and After

Another thing to look for on their website is before and after photos.

But keep in mind that anyone could theoretically just download before and after photos from the Internet. So you want to look for signs in the photos that they actually did the work.

If they have shots with wider angles, you might be able to see the inside of their business. Or if they have their logo or their company’s branding markers on the photo, that’s a good sign they can give you beautiful brows

Their Level of Training

You want anyone who will be doing a job with as much precision as microblading to be fully qualified and experienced. 

Reach out, either over the web or in person, and ask them directly what their level of experience and expertise is in microblading. 

Ask them where they were trained, and if they have any certifications they can show you as proof of their training.

Customer Service

Customer service by a microblading artist isn’t simply a matter of being courteous when you enter their business. (Although that certainly is important!)

It begins when you first reach out to them. Any reputable business owner knows the importance of a prompt response that answers all of the questions asked of them.

If you don’t hear back from them within 24 hours of your initial inquiry, this isn’t a great indicator of their general level of professionality. 

Properly Kept Tools

Finally, make sure that any microblading artist you go to take proper care of their tools. This means sterilizing, disinfecting, etc.

They should make it clear on their website that they use every precaution to keep up with health and safety standards

Finding the Best Microblading Artist

If you stick to this list of ways to find the best microblading artist in Murietta, you’ll have a great chance of finding one that you’ll love going to!

If you have any questions, contact us today!

About DFW Microblading Fort Worth

DFW Microblading of Fort Worth TX is home to PhiBrows Artist Amanda White, who has been certified by Branko Babic of PhiBrows and is so thankful to bring such an exciting technique to Fort Worth. We are committed to providing clients with a one of a kind experience and making it possible for you to throw away your eyebrow pencil and wake up with perfectly shaped and colored brows every day, rain or shine!

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