Microblading is a low pain, low cost, and a highly efficient way to enhance your natural brows. If you’re getting it done or have an appointment on your mind, you may be wondering what happens afterward.

Microblading healing isn’t a complicated process. It’s similar to tattoo healing if you’ve ever gotten a tattoo. It can be itchy and sore at times, but that’s the extent of most peoples discomfort.

Want to learn more about the process, so you know what to expect? Keep reading below.

How Long Does Microblading Healing Take?

The healing process for microblading takes up to four weeks. You won’t be experiencing itchiness and soreness for that long, though – not even close.

Four weeks is about how long it takes for your body to completely heal a skin wound, even a shallow one like microblading.

Once you’ve passed your four-week mark, you can treat your brows like you did before the treatment. If there are areas that didn’t heal well or you aren’t happy with the result, you can get a touch up during this time too.

Does it Hurt?

Microblading recovery is rarely painful. You may feel sore and like your eyebrows are stiff to move, but that should be all the pain you feel.

Tylenol and ibuprofen treatments will help relieve the pain and make any swelling go down. Along with Tylenol, applying Vaseline to your new brows will soothe any discomfort.

If you feel anything more than tenderness, like a shooting pain or burning sensation, call! Your technician can make sure you don’t have an infection and recommend a doctor visit if need be.

Day By Day Guide

The day you get your microblading treatment your brows will feel sore afterward. Your technician will apply a local anesthetic for the procedure, but it wears off after a few hours.

Once the numbing sensation wears off, you may feel like your brows are tender and somewhat irritated. That’s because they are! Someone just cut tiny slices of your skin and inserted a safe but foreign substance.

Day 2-5

If you see some extreme darkening, don’t worry, that’s normal. You’re seeing the scar pigment from your microblading cuts as well as the pigment.

The color of your brows can fade to about fifty percent of what you see during this period.

After day five, tenderness should be mostly gone.

Day 5-14

During these days, your brows are more likely to itch than to hurt. Scabbing is normal, though you must not pick the scabs.

Picking scabs can remove pigment!

Day 14-20

If it seems like all the treatment fell off, don’t worry, it’ll be back. Having patchy looking brows during this time is normal.

Day 20-30

Congratulations, you’re on the last healing period for your micro-bladed brows. If you see patches that didn’t take, you and your technician will address them at your follow-up appointment.

Following Up

Why do you need a follow-up appointment when your microblading healing period is over? To make sure you got the best value out of your treatment.

Microblading needs a follow up after the initial application, but not again for about two years. People with oily skin may need a touch up sooner since their pores process more pigment.

Interested in going through the safe and beautiful microblading process? Get a quote or an appointment by calling us now!

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