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What is Microblading? Eyebrow microblading is permanent makeup applied with a handheld microblade by a certified microblading artist. Microblading delivers delicate, natural, and beautiful eyebrows that tattooing cannot. Microblading brings over-plucked or dull brows back into shape with minimal or no discomfort and lasting results.

The microblading technique was developed more than 20 years ago in Asia and is growing in popularity in the United States because of the amazing results it provides.

Microblading is a form of tattoo but does not use a machine. Because the eyebrows are applied with a handheld microblade, the artist is able to produce fine lines that resemble real hair. Each individual hair stroke is painstakingly drawn and expertly blended with the client’s existing eyebrow hair. The results are beautiful lifelike eyebrows that last up to two years.

Microblading is a two-appointment process. The first appointment takes up to 2 hours and consists of an interview, the sketching of the eyebrows with a waterproof pencil, and the microblading and pigment application. Some aftercare is required, but you can expect to be completely healed in 30 days or less.

The touch-up appointment is scheduled four to six weeks after your initial procedure to allow time for the microblading pigment to settle into your skin. The touch-up appointment lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours and gives the artist ample time to see how your skin has taken the pigment and make any color corrections or additions.

Everyone’s skin is different and receives microblading pigment differently. The touch-up appointment ensures that your brows will match perfectly and leave you with beautiful eyebrows every day for up to two years.

What is Microblading? Perfect Eyebrows. Every Time.

What is Microblading? How about never having to use your eyebrow pencil again! Book your consultation with DFW Microblading of Fort Worth today. Microblading artist Amanda White is here to answer all of your questions regarding the microblading process. What are you waiting for?

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DFW Microblading of Fort Worth TX is home to PhiBrows Artist Amanda White, who has been certified by Branko Babic of PhiBrows and is so thankful to bring such an exciting technique to Fort Worth. We are committed to providing clients with a one of a kind experience and making it possible for you to throw away your eyebrow pencil and wake up with perfectly shaped and colored brows every day, rain or shine!

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