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Prepare for your Temecula Wine Country Wedding!

Getting Your Eyebrows Semi-Permanently Tattooed With DFW Microblading Murrieta Temecula

By PhiBrows Certified Microblading Artist Amanda White

Preparing for your Temecula Wine Country wedding can feel daunting. Remove one stressor by getting effortless, natural looking eyebrows from DFW Microblading Murrieta Temecula. Personal insecurities surrounding unnatural or sparse and patchy eyebrows can be a confidence killer on your wedding day. One of the best things you can do to prepare for your big day is getting eyebrow microblading. It’s incredible what beautifully drawn brows can do for a girl’s confidence and overall facial aesthetic. No more looking like you’re permanently in a state of shock! Say goodbye to your eyebrow pencil and cartoon character brows before you tie the knot!

Tie the knot with your best brows!

Get your brows dialed into perfection with me, Amanda White, owner of DFW Microblading of Murrieta and Temecula. I am a PhiBrows certified Microblading Artist and feel confident putting my work next to the best in the industry. The experience and technique I gained at PhiBrows under Branko Babic at PhiAcademy are second to none. I am ready to give all you brides to be the confidence boost you’re looking for on your wedding day.

My studio, located in Murrieta and Temecula and near many of the most beautiful wedding venues in California. Whether you’re getting married with a Temecula Wine Country wedding, in the Fallbrook Avocado Groves, or the picturesque hills of Murrieta, DFW Microblading of Murrieta and Temecula is here to deliver your best brows on your big day!

Throw away your eyebrow pencil before your Temecula Wine Country wedding!

Essentially, eyebrow microblading is nearly pain-free, and the ease of semi-permanent brows makes the mild discomfort worth it. From consult to completion, the whole appointment takes less than two hours. I begin by initially drawing on the brow shape you’re going for, with my guidance on what I have experienced to look best for your face structure and type. Through this, I ensure that you’re 100% happy with your microblading results.

After you’ve agreed and dialed in all the elements, I apply a topical anesthetic and begin to set your color with a fine microblade. What makes microblading unique compared to traditional eyebrow tattoo is that it allows individual hairs to be drawn on in varying thickness and with the color that’s a perfect match for your skin tone. The results are earth-shakingly natural! And you would need a magnifying glass to see they are not real hairs.

Temecula Wine Country Wedding Bridal Prep

So, if you’re getting ready for your Temecula Wine County wedding, just click the booking button and book a free consultation at DFW Microblading of Murrieta and Temecula.

Ideally, we’ll set your first appointment 90 days out from the big day so you can have the required follow-up appointment for touch up. The follow-up microblading appointment ensures that you have your best brows when you say “I do.”

In conclusion, if anything is holding you back from microblading, book your consultation now or give me a call at (855) 696-5274. I love what I do and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Get ready to throw away your eyebrow pencil!

Thank you! And I hope to see you soon at DFW Microblading Murrieta Temecula!

About DFW Microblading Murrieta Temecula

DFW Microblading of Murrieta and Temecula is home to PhiBrows Artist Amanda White, who has been certified by Branko Babic of PhiBrows and is so thankful to bring such an exciting technique to Southern California. We are committed to providing clients with a one of a kind experience and making it possible for you to throw away your eyebrow pencil and wake up with perfectly shaped and colored brows every day, rain or shine!

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